Studio Policies

Tuition & Fees

Included/Not Included in Tuition

Tuition includes the cost of attending classes or lessons. Tuition does NOT include dance attire, recital costumes, competition fees or costumes, theory or lesson books, recital tickets, additional private lessons, or transportation.

Payment Options

Tuition is charged on the first business day of each month. There are two ways to pay: 1) Enroll in Auto Pay through your online account. This will auto-deduct the tuition each month from your stored credit card or bank account. 2) Submit a payment each month either online (VISA or Mastercard), or by dropping off cash/check at the studio. If paying with cash or check, payments should be put into envelopes and dropped into the studio payment drop box in the front entry. Payments must be received by the 10th of each month.


TEPA offers the following discounts: $10/month sibling discount $10/month multi-team discount $50 account credit for referrals who enroll for the session (1 per semester)

Late Fees/Returned Payments

If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a $10 late fee will be assessed. An additional $10 fee will be assessed for each subsequent 10 days that the payment is not made. Students who are behind one month or more in tuition will not be allowed to participate in class until their accounts are current. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.

Additional Fees

A recital fee of $100 per student will be assessed with February tuition for all students participating in the recital. The fee will be $60 for each sibling. The fee includes a recital costume, venue fee, digital photos, and recital video. If a student requires any additional recital costumes, they will be billed at $60 each. Dance Team & Musical Theatre Troupe students will have additional Team Fees. Please refer to the Dance Team & Musical Theatre Troupe section for details.

Group Classes


Should a student need to miss class, please notify the studio as early as possible via email or phone call. Students should make up the class by joining on Zoom or Google Classroom. Students may also opt to attend a similar class on a different day. (Note – Please see the Dance Team section for policies on attendance for the Team). Students are expected to be ready to go at the start of class. Latecomers will be required to stretch and warm-up independently off to the side, and may be subject to observing class only. Two weeks prior to a performance, all rehearsals and classes are mandatory unless there was an absence excused in advance. No-call/no-shows may be subject to being removed from performances.

Class Cancellations/Inclement Weather

Should an instructor be unable to attend a class, either a substitute will be provided or class will be cancelled. If there is a cancellation, a makeup class will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Refunds will not be issued for cancelled classes. That’s Entertainment Performing Arts coincides with the decisions of school districts 15 & 211 in the case of inclement weather. Parents will be notified by email or phone as soon as a decision is made to cancel class.

Withdrawing From Class

Students may withdraw from class up to two weeks into the session without penalty by notifying our office of the desire to withdraw. After the two-week period, a refund of any payments will be given for 2nd semester’s classes only (January through May). Students may withdraw from 2nd semester prior to January 4th, and will be refunded any tuition payments made towards that semester less a $50 administration fee.

Class Attire

Each class will have specified attire and shoes that are required in order to attend class. Students not dressed appropriately after the second week of classes may be subject to observing class. Apparel including leotards, tights, and shoes can be ordered on our website on the Shop page.

Ballet/Lyrical Technique & Dance Team:

Leotard, tights/leggings, and ballet/lyrical shoes are required. Ballet skirts or form-fitting shorts are allowed over tights. Hair must be in a bun or otherwise secured off the face.

Tutus, Tiaras, & Tap Shoes, Ballet/Tap Combo:

Leotards, tights, ballet shoes, and tap shoes are required. Ballet skirts are permitted. Hair must be off the face and secure.

Hip Hop

Comfortable clothing that allows free movement (no jeans) is required. Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or clean gym shoes are required. Long hair must be secured in a ponytail.

Musical Theatre/Musical Theatre Dance Technique:

Comfortable clothing that allows free movement (no jeans) is required. Leggings, skirts with shorts underneath, athletic pants or shorts, and a tank top or t-shirt are recommended. Tan jazz shoes and tap shoes are required. Long hair must be secured off the face.

Adult Classes:

Form-fitting clothing that allows free movement is recommended. Tap shoes are required for tap class. Jazz shoes or ballet shoes are recommended for jazz class.


All families must register online in the Parent Portal which can be accessed on our website at the top of each page, or on the 'Registration' page. Parents will have access to the Parent Portal throughout the session to be able to easily view payments, classes, shared files, and more. Parents must acknowledge receipt and understanding of these policies during the registration process. Registration will be for the entire session, September through May.

Registrations will be accepted for Dance Team & Troupe until October 4, 2020.

Registrations for all other classes will be accepted until January 31, 2021 to ensure recital participation.

Parent Viewing

Parents are not permitted to be in the dance studio or waiting area during classes. All classes will be available for viewing on Zoom.

Forced Closures

In the event that TEPA is forced to close the physical studio due to government restrictions, we will transition to an online platform. Team rehearsals and Pro Kids will be postponed and not billed during the closeure. All other classes will continue with regular tuition. Students who withdraw at that time will still be subject to a $50 withdrawl fee. Students who wish to withdraw for online classes but return for in-studio classes may do so, but recital participation is not guaranteed.

Private Lessons

Enrollment & Scheduling

Private lessons can be booked for the entire session as a weekly lesson, or as drop-ins. Enrollment should be done through the Parent Portal. If a lesson is not available at a desired time, please contact the studio to discuss options for scheduling. Students must register for drop-ins online at least days prior to the requested lesson date. This is done through the Parent Portal by selecting the desired lesson and choosing dates to drop in.


Recurring weekly lessons are billed monthly as regular tuition. Drop-ins must be paid at the time of enrollment via the Parent Portal. If a student wishes to pay with cash or check for a drop-in, payment is due prior to the start of the lesson. Drop-in lessons that are not paid by lesson time will be cancelled and the balance will remain on the students' account.


If a student has an excused absence, they will be allowed up to 2 makeup lessons per semester (must work with instructor’s availability). Cancellations the day of the lesson will not be made up and will still be charged the regular lesson fee. Should the instructor need to cancel a lesson, two lessons will be made up each semester. Credits will be issued for any additional cancelled lessons. Drop-ins that are cancelled by the student the day of the lesson will still be charged and will not be rescheduled as a makeup. Students enrolled in private lessons on Saturdays will automatically be charged for four less weeks to accommodate competition weekends when lessons will not be held.

General Info

Session Dates/No Class Dates

2020-2021 Session Dates: Sept 8, 2020 - May 15, 2021 No Classes: Nov 22-28 Dec 20-Jan 3 Mar 21-28

Recital Info

Recital Dress Rehearsal: TBA Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg (Maggie Atcher Theater) Recital: June 6th, 2021 Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg (Maggie Atcher Theater) If a student cannot participate in the recital, the studio must be notified by January 4th. If a student notifies the studio after that date, the $100 recital fee will still be assessed. Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory. Students who cannot attend the dress rehearsal may not be permitted to participate in the recital.

Costume Fit & Tailoring

Costumes should be tried on immediately upon arrival and can be returned due to incorrect fit or poor quality if needed as long as all tags and packaging are in tact. If a costume requires minor tailoring or adjustments, or if something breaks/rips, parents will be responsible for having the costume tailored/repaired. The studio can arrange tailoring for the following fees: Buttons/Straps - $15 Taking In - $15 Both - $30 (Any tailoring exceeding one hour of labor will add an additional $5; complicated repairs will be quoted in advance.)

Ordering Apparel

Dance apparel can be ordered directly through the studio. Visit our online store under the Shop menu heading on our website to place an order online. Bulk orders will be placed with our supplier the second and fifth weeks of each semester. Orders placed outside of those bulk orders will be subject to a $9 shipping fee. Sales tax will be assessed at the Palatine sales tax rate of 10%.

Classroom Etiquette

Students are expected to exhibit positive, professional, and respectful behavior at all times towards all other students, parents, and instructors. Any behavior deemed inappropriate will result in the student/parent being asked to leave class with no refunds. We expect our students and parents to behave respectfully at all times!

Students must practice safe behavior before, during, and after class. Hanging on the bars, practicing unsupervised lifts or acro tricks, or playing with props outside of the instructor’s direction will not be tolerated. Students should never give another student a ‘note’ on their performance in class. Instructors will address all necessary corrections. If there is a student or parent concern, the proper avenue is to address the teacher privately outside of class. We strive to create a professional and positive environment for students to foster their love of the performing arts!

Personal Property Liability

That’s Entertainment Performing Arts, LLC is not responsible for any personal items brought to classes or left at the studio. Cubbies will be provided for students to store personal items during class. That’s Entertainment Performing Arts is not liable for any missing or damaged property that is stored in the cubbies or left elsewhere in the studio space. Students are responsible for removing all of their items after class. Students are not allowed to permanently store their items in the cubbies. Anything left behind at the end of each week will be moved to the lost and found. These items will be donated at the end of each semester.


All parents will be required to accept the terms and conditions of the waiver as stated during the online registration process. Please read carefully to ensure full understanding off all rights and responsibilities as related to injuries and legal recourse.

Safety Guidelines

Our studio is required to operate under strict safety guidelines due to COVID-19. These include proper entering and existing procedures, no parents or siblings in the studio, no waiting room access, and social distancing during classes. Please see our Safety Guidelines for the full list of procedures.

Contacting Us

The best way to reach studio personnel is via email at Due to our tight class schedule, parents should avoid conversations with teachers before, during, or after classes to avoid effecting start and end times. Parents should reach out to Ms. Carrie or Ms. Kristine directly for any issues such as billing, class placement, scheduling, makeup classes, etc. Parents should refrain from contacting teachers directly as they are not qualified to answer these types of questions. Parents may contact teachers to discuss student progress and questions about class structure or class-related activities. If a student needs to miss a class or lesson, please inform studio personnel as soon as possible via email. If a private lesson needs to be cancelled last-minute, please send an email AND call or text Ms. Carrie or Ms. Kristine.

Facility Info/Entering the Studio

Our facility offers a main dance studio space, a private lesson room, and a lounge area in the rear. Our lounge area is currently closed due to COVID-19. Please see our Safety Guidelines for proper entering and exiting procedures that will be in effect until restrictions are lifted. Please note that our facility includes a security camera that records video and audio.

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