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All ages, all abilities - Come dance with us!

Our dance program offers something for everyone, focusing on proper technique and performance skills at each stage Pre K through Adult!  Students of dance will develop increased confidence, social skills, discipline, and coordination.  Dancing is also fun and engaging, and our students can't wait to come back each week!  Click below to learn more about our dance programs!

Dance Teams

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We make competition fun!  Our Dance Teams foster discipline, commitment, and life-long friendships.  Competing can be hard work, but our teams are well rewarded!  We are happy to offer multiple levels of teams across different dance styles - there is something for everyone!

Please note that the grades listed are suggestions and students may be placed in different levels at the instructors' discretion.  

Grades Pre-K - 1st

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Our littlest dancers will learn correct technique from the beginning to establish a solid foundation!  The Pre K through 1st grade classes focus on body positioning, rhythm, and vocabulary through creative movement, games, and technique exercises!

Grades 2nd - 3rd

Twirl&Tap Recital_edited.jpg

Students in grades 2-3 will grow their skills in both technique and performance!  Classes will focus on expanding technical ability, increasing dance vocabulary, and fusing emotion into dance.  This level will find more discipline and structure, but plenty of fun and encouragement!

Grades 4th - 7th


This level will see students continue to build on their technical skills, expanding into more challenging movements such as multiple turns and leaps.  The focus will remain on proper technique including alignment, body positioning, spotting, turnout, and extension.

Grades 8th - 12th

Ballet V.png

Our teen program focuses on utilizing correct technique to enhance skills and performance ability.  Students will be challenged to increase flexibility and strength and add more complicated movements to their repertoire.  Teens will develop stamina, increased confidence, and advanced skills.


Adult Tap.png

Adult students will love learning dance styles at the beginner/intermediate level while socializing, staying active, and having fun!  Classes will focus on proper technique, enhancing coordination, balance, rhythm, and stamina!

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