Dance Team auditions are here for our 2021-2022 Session!  We audition for placement purposes only - everyone who wants to compete will be placed on a team!  Join us for an exciting season of competitive dance!

Audition Details

June 21st & 22nd



-Students will be seen in groups of 8. 

-Masks must be worn at all times.  All safety procedures will be in place (see safety guidelines for details).

-Please wear dance attire (leotard, tights, tank top, leggings, shorts - must be tight fitting so we can see the line of the body).  

-Students will be taught a short lyrical and jazz combo and will perform 3 at a time

-Students will need to demonstrate skills and technique individually such as turns and leaps


Elite Team Requirements

-Clean double pirouette right and left, parallel & turned out

-Turns a la seconde either right or left

-All 3 splits

After the auditions

We will contact you with your team placement via email.  Once fall session enrollment is open, you can enroll in that team and corresponding technique classes.  There is a 48-hour no communication policy after placements are sent out.   After this period, we are happy to discuss student placements, but our decisions are final and re-auditions are not allowed.  Students will be contacted to schedule team picture and measurement day over the summer!

TEAM info

Please read the team handbook carefully and make sure you can abide by all requirements.  If you cannot be fully committed for the entire season, or cannot regularly attend classes and rehearsals, please consider a non-competitive class!  Students who do not adhere to the handbook will be dismissed from the team.  For more info on our teams and troupes, please visit our Dance Teams & Theatre Troupes page!

Start Your Journey.

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