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Dance Team auditions are here for our 2023-2024 Session!  Join us for an exciting season of competitive dance!


To sign up for auditions, please read through all of the information below and fill out the RSVP form at the bottom of the page.


General Team auditions are held for participation in Rise, Ambition, Pursuit, and Elite Teams.  The Mini Team (PreK- 1st grade) will have a 'trial class' and parent meeting, but no formal audition. Those wishing to do only Hip Hop Team should sign up for those slots as indicated.  Dancers wishing to do both a General Team and a Hip Hop Team must sign up for both auditions.  Those interested in Tap Team should inquire separately (this team is invite-only).  



Thursday June 15th - Warehouse Theatre

8:00-9:00pm - 7th-12th Grades, General Teams

Wednesday June 28th - Showroom Studio

5:00 - 5:45pm - Mini Team Parent Meeting/Trial Class

Wednesday June 28th - Warehouse Theatre

5:30 - 6:00pm - 2nd - 3rd Grades, General Teams

6:00 - 6:30pm - 1st - 5th Grades, Hip Hop Team Only

6:30 - 7:00pm - 4th - 6th Grades, General Teams

7:00 - 7:30pm - 6th-12th Grades, Hip Hop Team Only 

If you cannot make it to audition day, please contact us to arrange a separate time.



That's Entertainment Performing Arts

342 W Colfax St.

Palatine, IL 60067


  • Students should RSVP for the time slot pertaining to their upcoming grade level in the fall and desired Team

  • Please wear dance attire:  leotard, tights, tank top, leggings, shorts - must be tight fitting so we can see the line of the body.  No sweatshirts or sweatpants.

  • Students should bring jazz shoes, and ballet shoes or lyrical shoes to the general auditions.  Hip Hop students should wear clean sneakers. If a student does not have dance shoes, socks are acceptable.  No street shoes are permitted. 

  • The general auditions will consist of technique across the floor, demonstrating skills such as leaps and turns, and learning a short piece of choreography to be performed in small groups.  Hip Hop auditions will consist of demonstrating specific skills and learning choreography.

  • If students have any specific skills such as tumbling, they will be asked to demonstrate

  • We are not looking for perfection, but for the ability to take corrections, knowledge of correct technique, and showing us that you are willing to work hard to achieve goals.  A positive attitude, strong commitment, and solid work ethic are equally as important as technical precision. 

  • Attitude, previous attendance record, and level of commitment is taken HIGHLY into account.

Elite Team Requirements

-Clean double pirouette right and left, parallel & turned out

-Turns in second, either right or left

-All 3 splits


After the Auditions

We will contact you with your team placement via email.  Once fall session enrollment is open, you can enroll in that team and corresponding technique classes.  There is a 48-hour no communication policy after placements are sent out.   After this period, we are happy to discuss student placements, but our decisions are final and re-auditions are not allowed.  Students will be contacted to schedule team picture and measurement day over the summer!


Please read the team handbook carefully and make sure you can abide by all requirements.  If you cannot be fully committed for the entire season, or cannot regularly attend classes and rehearsals, please consider a non-competitive class!  Students who do not adhere to the handbook will be dismissed from the team.  For more info on our teams please visit our Dance Teams page!


Dance Team Auditions RSVP

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Thank you for your RSVP! See you at auditions!

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