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Entries must be completed through the online registration system.  All entries must be accompanied by payment in full to be considered complete.  Registration forms must be completed in full.

Confirmation email will be sent following registration requesting routine information and music upload if applicable.



Group:  4+ students; groups wishing to register a routine should contact us prior to registration
Solo:  One individual performer
Duo/Trio:  Two or three performers

Performers may enter more than one solo, duo, or trio if they are in different entry types.


Entry Types

Vocal:  A vocal routine in the Musical Theatre genre.  Wireless handheld microphones will be provided.
Acting:  A monologue or scene from a musical or play.
Dance:  A dance routine in the jazz, tap, or musical theatre genre (please contact us for approval of other types of dance)


Time Limits

Solos, Duos, Trios - 3 minutes
Groups - 8 minutes

Please adhere to all time limits to ensure accurate scheduling.



Small/handheld props only are allowed (ex. benches, chairs, bags).  No larger set pieces or items that require construction (platforms, stair units, doors, etc) with the exception of Group routines.  Groups should detail their props/set pieces prior to registration.

Not allowed: 
-Dangerous props & weapons (please acquire approval for simulated weapons)
-Live animals
-Liquids, gels, aerosols, glitter, bubbles, or food
-Fog, smoke, helium balloons, or fire of any kind


Provided Equipment

Wireless handheld mics (up to 3) will be provided for all vocal solos, duos, & trios.  Three mic stands are also available if desired.  Group routines will utilize floor and choral mics and members will not be individually mic'd.  

Full sound system.  Music will need to be tracked (no live accompaniment), and a link will be sent to upload music for applicable routines.

Full theatrical lighting. Standard stage lights will be used; we cannot accommodate special lighting requests per routine. 



The detailed schedule will be released two weeks prior to the festival date.  An example schedule may be as follows:

11:30-1:00pm - Masterclass
1:30-2:00pm - Group Routines
2:30-4:00pm - Solo, Duos, Trios


Adjudications, Awards, & Critiques

Performers will receive adjudications following the Solo/Duo/Trio performances.  The adjudications are awarded based on total points given by the panel:

280-300 points - Platinum
273-279 points - High Gold
Up to 272 points - Gold

Routines will not be ranked against one another, but the panel will give out specialty awards to standout routines.

Critiques will be done by each panel judge via live voice recording and will be sent to each performer within 5 days following the festival.


Adjudication Criteria

The panel will be looking for the following when critiquing routines:

Correct vocal technique, breathing, and musicality
Accurately portraying a character by acting through the song
Proper music selection for vocal range and tone
Interesting acting choices and appropriate movement

Proper dance technique as appropriate to the style
Rhythm and musicality
Performance and facial expressions
Appropriateness of music selection and style

Clear character with interesting choices informed by character's background
Purposeful movement and use of props (if applicable)
Playing a clear objective with multiple tactics and beats
Projection and healthy use of voice
Appropriate material selection


Music Submissions

A link will be sent to all performers to upload their music via Dropbox.  Music must be labeled as such:

Last Name, First Name - Routine Title - Category (Dance or Vocal)

Music must be in mp3 format, in the correct key, and cut for your routine.  We are not able to transpose or cut any music files.



Spectators will not be permitted for Group Routines or the Masterclass.  For Solo, Duos, and Trios, spectators can utilize the reserved seating in the front row only.  

Spectators should only stay in the theatre for routine(s) they are directly supporting and should quietly enter and exit between routines as signaled by the door monitor.


Check-in Procedures & General Decorum

Performers should check in at the check-in table 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time.  The Showroom Studio can be utilized for warming up, hair, and makeup.  The restrooms should be utilized for dressing as needed.

10 minutes prior to performance time, each performer should check in at the Backstage Studio and remain there to be 'on deck'.

No one but performers are permitted backstage.

Once a performance is complete, the performer should exit through the Backstage area and back into the lobby.

Appropriate decorum is expected of all performers and spectators at all times.  Any behavior deemed inappropriate by staff will result in the removal of the offending individuals.  This includes, rude comments, foul language, harassment of any kind, attempting to poach students for another studio, or any other behavior not befitting of a professional and educational environment.


Incomplete Routines Or Withdrawals

Performers who do not go on stage or do not complete a routine will get an opportunity to try again in a later time slot.  No refunds will be issued for performers who do not perform their routines.

If a performer needs to withdraw prior to the event, please contact us for details on completing the withdrawal.


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