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Midwest Youth Theatre Festival is the premier theatre festival in the Midwest region, offering school-age students the opportunity to perform for a decorated panel of theatre professionals and receive valuable feedback.  In addition, students can elect to participate in a musical theatre masterclass with a renowned Director/Choreographer to hone skills in all areas of theatre.

MYTF was established based on a growing need for young theatre students to obtain experience performing for elite theatre professionals for critiques.  These experiences are invaluable as young students seek to grow their skills in auditioning and general performance.  Those wishing to pursue theatre in a professional setting will make new connections with potential future Directors, Choreographers, and Casting Directors.  


Our Expert Panel

Dina D.jpg

Dina DiCoststanzo

Amber Mak.jpg

Amber Mak

Sara Headshot2.jpg

Sara Schreiner

Our Team

Carrie Headshot1_edited.jpg

Carrie Vignali Rossi

Event Director


Mark Stickney

Event Director


Kristine Stickney

Event Director

Our Host Venue

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We are excited to be hosted by That's Entertainment Performing Arts, an educational and performance venue in Palatine, IL.  TEPA offers classes and private lessons for students of all ages in theatre, dance, and music.  In addition, they have multiple theatre performance groups who put up full-scale shows in their in-house black box theatre every year.  For more information on TEPA and their classes, visit them here.

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