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Start With the Arts

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Our Early Childhood program "Start With the Arts" offers Music, Dance, and Drama classes for babies through Kindergarteners!  Each class is designed to engage their imaginations and creativity while building confidence, independence, and artistic skills in a fun and encouraging environment!

Our Classes

Music With Ms. Moira

Ages 6mo - 18mo &  18mo - 3 yrs

(Caregivers should join in)

Let's make music!  Little ones will get an introduction to melody, rhythm, and various instruments as our instructor Ms. Moira leads them through guided activities and songs!  Music stimulates young brains, increasing concentration and creativity, while improving moods and decreasing stress.  Children will explore instruments and sounds, create their own music, and move to the beat! 

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Dance Concepts

Ages 2.5-5yrs

(Students will be independent of caregivers)

In our Dance Concepts class, students will learn a variety of dance styles to develop coordination and learn beginning dance technique!  Different styles will be taught each session:

Session A - Creative Movement/Hip Hop

Session B - Ballet/Jazz

Session C - Tap/Musical Theatre

Session D - World Dance


1,2,3 Dance With Me!

Ages 18mo - 3 yrs

(Caregivers should join in)

Students and caregivers will move and groove during this fun introductory dance class!  Children will be led through basic movements to enhance their balance and coordination.  They will learn how to stretch, move to the beat, and express themselves through dance!

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Drama With Mama

Ages 18mo - 3 yrs

(Caregivers should join in)

In this introductory theatre class, students and caregivers will be led through fun games and exercises to enhance imagination and creativity!  Little ones will gain confidence and independence as they learn introductory theatre skills!

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Dramatic Play

Ages 3 - 5yrs

(Students will be independent from caregivers)

Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners will get ready for the spotlight in this fun and engaging theatre class!  Students will learn acting techniques and terms through games, scenes, and imagination play!  Children will develop increased focus, confidence, and teamwork skills! 



10:00-10:30am - Music with Ms. Moira (18mo-3yrs)
10:35-11:05am - Drama With Mama (18mo-3yrs)
11:10-11:40am - 1,2,3 Dance With Me! (18mo-3yrs)
11:45-12:15pm - Dramatic Play (3-5yrs)

10:00-10:30am - Music with Ms. Moira (6mo-18mo)
10:00-10:30am - Dance Concepts (2.5-5yrs)
10:35-11:05am - 1,2,3 Dance With Me! (18mo-3yrs)

10:00-10:30am - 1,2,3 Dance With Me! (18mo-3yrs)
11:00-11:30am - Drama With Mama (18mo-3yrs)
11:45-12:15pm - Dramatic Play (3-5yrs)
12:30-1:00pm - Music With Ms. Moira (18mo - 3yrs)

Session Dates & Pricing

Session A
Sept 13 - Oct 29
Each class is $70 for the session

Session B
Nov 1 - Dec 17 (no classes Nov 21-27)
Each class is $60 for the session

Session C
Jan 10 - Feb 25
Each class is $70 for the session

Session D
Feb 28 - Apr 22 (no classes Mar 20-26)
Each class is $70 for the session